Subject RE: [IBO] Unexpected IB_Grid behaviour on post data .. Re-Request
Author adrian
Dear Paul

In reply to your questions with regard to my question.

It shouldn't be necessary: if I insert a record, fill fields, and hit
Post, all data are inserted correctly, including the field I'm working

Really happening . believe it or not!!

It may be a version-specific thing (bug/feature), or maybe you have
tweaked some properties that I'm not aware of.

Which IBO version do you use?

4.3Ab_Test (I'm using this because having hassles all of a sudden with
parameters, never before noticed.)

Do you get the same behaviour on all columns? I.e., if you insert and
don't fill the columns in their natural order but e.g. with the second
column as the last one to fill in, does this still happen? If not, is
there a pattern (like for instance: it always happens on Date columns
but not on other types).

Yep. Say I enter data first column, then move to next, then post, then
only the first column is actually posted
Say I enter data first, then second column, then third column
then click on post, then first and second column stored., not third.
Types don't effect this happening or not.
Not pattern .. always the last column that you are in when clicking on

And if you make a simple test app that just connects to a database and
allows you to insert through an IB_Grid, with all properties defaulted
and no event handlers, do you still get the same behaviour?

Haven't tried. Still trying to figure why this is happening. Making me
mad for more than two weeks now!



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