Subject Re: [IBO] configuring IBO 4.3Aa for FB 1.5
Author Mark Pickersgill
Hi Russell,

>I was wanting this as I thought fbclient.dll was new and different
>than GDS32.dll. However (see previous messages in this thread), for
>IBO only users fbclient.dll can be renamed GDS32.dll and it will work
>with IBO. Should fbclient.dll change then IBO+Fb1.5.x users will need
>the ability to specify the client dll they use. As you point out
>below one can do this now with IBO. A more convenient method would be
>safer, such as having a ClientDLL property in TIB_CONNECTION.
The ClientDLL property would be useful in some cases, but if you have
control over the client DLL and the server version, then you're best to
head for the local fbclient.dll. That way you know what version of
fbclient.dll is being loaded and you know that your app will be using
that correct fbclient.dll version to connect to the server.

As I recall from previous posts, I *think* there is work being done on a
selectable DLL. You may want to search the newsgroups for more info.