Subject TIB_RadioGroup unwanted behaviour (probably bug)
Author Tomas Michalik

I have a TIB_Query, TIB_DataSource and TIB_RadioGroup connected to one
of the fields of the query.
TIB_DataSource.AutoEdit = True
There is a BeforeEdit handler on the query that aborts the editing if
certain conditions are met.

The query is in browse state, when I try to change the value in the
TIB_RadioGroup, the query goes into edit mode, BeforeEdit handler throws
an exception so it can't really go into edit mode, but the value in
TIB_RadioGroup remains changed.
The following is true then: radioGroup.Values[radioGroup.ItemIndex] <>

If I later (on button click) reset the DataSource of the TIB_RadioGroup,
correct button is checked again.
I have a TIB_ListBox connected to the same field and its behaviour is as
expected. If the editing is aborted its value remains unchanged.
I have to use the TIB_RadioGroup as it is the only suitable control for
that field.

I have tried to find out what's going on and correct it, but I haven't

Can anybody help me ?

P.S. My environment is D7, IBO 4.3Aa.

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