Subject Re: Query Edit Mask Examples. Dates
Author russellbelding
Hi Christopher

Refer to TMaskEdit in the Delphi Help file.
For the EditMask property use
That is myQuery.fieldByname('myDate').EditMask :='00/00/0000;1;_';

Then your client can enter 12012004 and it will appear as 12/01/2004
in the edit control.

The system's short date format will override the presentaion of the
date. Eg Dates may be entered 12122004 and then appear as 12-12-04



--- In, "Christopher Hart" <cjh@p...> wrote:
> Looking for some write ups on how to properly make use of the Edit
> in IB_Query.
> Client wants dates to display as mm/dd/yyyy but for speed of entry
> to be able to enter as mmddyyyy with no slashes.
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