Subject TIB_Column.OnBeforeModify problem
Author Tomas Michalik

first I have to say that I am still on IBO 4.2 Fn.
I am trying to make UI that actively responds to changes in data while
user enters it, eg. showing/hiding some fields, modifying contents of
another fields etc. The reason is simplicity for the user (I don't want
to show the fields that should not be filled). Unfortunately I am having
different problems with this.

IBO help says:
OnBeforeModify = Event triggered immediately before a column is modified.
OnAfterModify = Event triggered immediately after a column has been

If I have a boolean (smallInt) field connected to these handlers that
contains 0 at first and then user changes it to 1, I would expect
IB_Column.AsBoolean=False during OnBeforeModify and
IB_Column.AsBoolean=True during OnAfterModify.
In fact there is TIB_Column.AsBoolean=True during OnBeforeModify.

Isn't this a bug (perhaps solved in newer version of IBO, although I
haven't found anything about this kind of problem in ReleaseNotes) ?
Or have I just misunderstood something ?

2) Another problem that I am having is different behaviour of different
controls bound to the same TIB_Column.
If I have a TIB_RadioGroup bound to the above mentioned boolean field,
the change of the value triggers the Before and AfterModify events.
If I have a TIB_CheckBox bound to the field, those events aren't
triggered until I depart from the control. (And I have yet another
problem with check boxes but that will go into separate post)

Are these Before/AfterModify events meant to be ready for use ?
If not, how should I immediately respond to changes in data when it is
edited (and without being forced to leave the field to know that change
has occured). Is it too much that I want to achieve ?

Thanks in advance for any input.


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