Subject Re: [IBO] Q. Fastest way to insert ~6000 rows
Author tickerboo2002
-> First, what components are you using for sqlAddX, sqlAddY and sqlAddZ?
> If it's not TIB_DSQL, that should be the one to use.

They are TIB_DSQL;

> The insert would go faster, but(in my opinion) the time saved would
> only be delayed to when the indices are enabled again. Since when
> enabling the indices, they have to insert all the references to the
> new rows and recalculate the statistics. Although the best way to know
> for sure is to try it yourself and compare the times.

But presumably, once I re-enable the indices, my app can go on it's
merry way, whilst the server does it's stuff. As you say, there's a
sure fire way of finding out.