Subject Re: [IBO] problem on record with ' sign
Author James
Hi Jason

Jason Wharton wrote:

> Give us an example. Most likely you are dealing with either Delphi code or
> InterBase/Firebird code. In both cases use '''' this to enclose a single
> single quote character in single quotes. You double them to stand for
> one of
> them.
> Jason Wharton
I don't know what kind of example you're asking. But as I have try on
application I develop... I just can't post the record on any IB_Edit
component with the sign '. and If I will replace the ' with '' this
doesn't give me a right result. Hope this example will help.

If I type STAINLESS STEEL SHEET 8' X 12' i got an error because of the
'. But if I replace ' with '' this will help posting the record but this
will be posted as STAINLESS STEEL 8'' X 12''. Is this a bug? Actually I
just accidentally discover this.