Subject TIBOQuery - editing contents from grid
Author rjschappe
I am converting a SQL Server/ODBC lib app to Firebird and IBO and I
am having a problem with one grid which allows a user to edit the
contents of a table (from a very simple join - this join
was "editable" before... and I hope it is still now too).

Every time I try to enter a value into one of the Quantity fields, my
app errors out with a EIB_ error saying you cannot edit this row.

I need to be able to edit the quantity fields - the rest of the
columns I have set to not allow editing...

This is/was a working app that has worked find for a few years... so
I am curious as to what I am doing incorrect...

Here is the SQL statement of the TIBOQuery, and RequestLive is set to

SELECT LamInventory.ID, LamColor.ColorID, LamInventory.Width,
LamInventory.LamLength, LamInventory.StockQuantity, LamColor.Name,
LamInventory.AdjustQuantity, LamInventory.TargetQuantity,
FROM LamInventory, LamColor
WHERE LamInventory.LamColor=LamColor.ID
AND LamColor.LamMaker=:theMaker

Any help is appreciated,