Subject RE: [IBO] TIB_Datasource.AutoEdit
Author Jason Wharton
I see, I'll consider this a potential bug.

Jason Wharton

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Subject: Re: [IBO] TIB_Datasource.AutoEdit

Seems I was not clear.
It's not about fetching or keeping the query prepared, that's ok,
it's about AutoEdit. If it's false, in my understanding, datasets
should never go into edit or insert state, unless you explicitly call
Edit or Insert.
Suppose you have a grid with a few records, Datasource.AutoEdit =
TRUE you try to go past the last record, you enter insert mode. With
AutoEdit = FALSE, when you try to go past the last record nothing
happens because when AutoEdit=FALSE if the user wants to add a record
he must click the insert button for example. This works just fine and
is the expected behaviour. But it only works if there are records in
the dataset. If there's no records, the dataset is kept prepared
that's ok (for performing inserts for example as you explained). But
if AutoEdit=FALSE and I start typing in my grid it shouldn't go into
insert mode, if I wanted that I'd set AutoEdit=TRUE.
Bottomline if Dataset is in dssPrepared state AutoEdit is simply

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> It is common for my users to input data purely for inserting. Why
open a
> dataset and fetch records if you could care less about reading data?
> This way you simply prepare a query and perform inserts. Very
> Jason Wharton