Subject Lookup combo in a grid?
Author Salvatore Besso
hello all,

continuing my experiments with IBO (4.3Aa), I'm now trying to insert
one or more controls (TIB_LookupCombo for now) into an TIB_Grid (of
course associating them with fields). A combo should be shown for
every row for that field. The purpose is, of course, to show a list of
possible values for a certain field in the master table taken from
another detail table associated to the combo.

I'm having no success in this operation, but honestly I even don't
know if this is possible. The result that I obtain dropping an
TIB_LookupCombo onto the TIB_Grid is that the combo is not visible at
runtime, but if I drop it somewhere outside of the grid it becomes
visible and it works correctly.

Of course the combo should remain "anchored" to the associated field
in the grid, even if I scroll the grid with the horizontal scroll bar.
Sorry for the newbie argument :-)

Any hint on how to do it?