Subject Re: [IBO] Lookup combo in a grid?
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:01 PM 6/05/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>hello all,
>continuing my experiments with IBO (4.3Aa), I'm now trying to insert
>one or more controls (TIB_LookupCombo for now) into an TIB_Grid (of
>course associating them with fields). A combo should be shown for
>every row for that field. The purpose is, of course, to show a list of
>possible values for a certain field in the master table taken from
>another detail table associated to the combo.
>I'm having no success in this operation, but honestly I even don't
>know if this is possible. The result that I obtain dropping an
>TIB_LookupCombo onto the TIB_Grid is that the combo is not visible at
>runtime, but if I drop it somewhere outside of the grid it becomes
>visible and it works correctly.
>Of course the combo should remain "anchored" to the associated field
>in the grid, even if I scroll the grid with the horizontal scroll bar.
>Sorry for the newbie argument :-)
>Any hint on how to do it?

You probably have already done it. :-)
The embedded lookupcombo is not visible except in dssEdit or dssInsert
modes, and then only in the row that has the focus. In all other
situations you should see the current DescLinks value of that column for
each row in the grid.