Subject Re: [IBO] Evaluating IBO
Author Svein Erling
>>Just curious...what bug fixes would you need to "wait for before
> None that I know of either, I was simply asking the list their
> opinion about the state of IBO. I made the mistake of using IBX
> before and now I want to make sure Im using the right tools

IBO won the 'Best Database Connectivity' award in the annual Delphi
Informant User Awards for three consecutive years before another set
of components won last year. It is a great and mature set of
components (though I think coming from IBX may be somewhat tricky
because IBO does a lot of things for you under the hood), and it
supports both InterBase and Firebird (Jason is even the treasurer of
the Firebird Foundation). If you can afford it, get yourself a copy of
the Getting Started Guide (cost approximately $30 when I bought it and
e.g. shows you how to easily put comboboxes in a grid) and take a trip
to Fulda (Germany) in two weeks time for the annual Firebird
Conference and attend the sessions conducted by Jason.

You may find errors in IBO, but they are rare. It is far more common
to hear someone yell BUG only to discover they'd drawn the wrong