Subject RE: [IBO] Evaluating IBO
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:59 PM 4/05/2004 +0200, you wrote:
> >>Helen
> >>Look at the PasswordStorage property.
>Thanks Helen. I did that and it worked.
> >>Helen
> >>It's not a "button" property.
>I was not sure why the delete and edit "buttons" were not active when I
>ran the program. After adding the DeleteSQL and EditSQL it became active
>so I thought that was needed.

OK..for a normal query, i.e. one table involved, primary key included in
the output set, set RequestLive true and you'll get the xxxSQL properties
automatically created - and active DML buttons.

For datasets that wouldn't otherwise be able to be "live" (joined sets,
unions, selectable SPs, non-updateable views) write parameterised
executable SPs to do the DML and use the xxxSQL properties for their
EXECUTE calls. Then the dataset will be "live" and the DML buttons on the
updatebar will be awake.

>Thanks for your quick response, hope I wont flood the list in the next few
>days :)

You'd better be quick - a lot of us are taking off for Fulda, Germany in a
week or so (Firebird conference). :-)