Subject RE: [IBO] Evaluating IBO
Author Alfred Thomas
>>Look at the PasswordStorage property.

Thanks Helen. I did that and it worked.

>>It's not a "button" property.

I was not sure why the delete and edit "buttons" were not active when I
ran the program. After adding the DeleteSQL and EditSQL it became active
so I thought that was needed.

>>Actually, before deciding, what you really need to do is roll up your
>>sleeves and work with IBO.

I am now in the process of doing just that, but I suppose it will be a while
before I know how IBO works.

>>Just curious...what bug fixes would you need to "wait for before

None that I know of either, I was simply asking the list their opinion about
the state of IBO. I made the mistake of using IBX before and now I want to
sure Im using the right tools

Thanks for your quick response, hope I wont flood the list in the next few
days :)