Subject Re: [IBO] Evaluating IBO
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:01 AM 4/05/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>I am trying to evaluate IBO for use in a system with FireBird.
>I am finding a few things aren't working as I expect them to.
>At this stage it is small and easy to overcome, but I want to
>find out whether I am not using it right, or whether there is
>a few glitches in the software.
>I have found the following:
>When defining a password for an IB_Connection it does not work
>when you specify it in the Object inspector, you have to add it
>in your code i.e. IB_Connection->Password = "masterkey"

Look at the PasswordStorage property. It defaults to psNONE, meaning the
user always has to enter it. If you want the database open like a barn
door, set it to psNotSecure. There are two other levels in between. Read
the online FAQ. Read the Help text.

>When I use IB_Query->DeleteSQL->Add("delete from..."), the delete
>button on the grid stays inactive until I also add the same delete
>string to the DeleteSQL in the Object inspector.

It's not a "button" property. IBO (when you use it properly) does
everything by parameters. Normally you don't need DeleteSQL at all - IBO
constructs it automatically. You only need it when defining a special
action in response to calling Delete, typically EXECUTE PROCEDURE
Deletestuff(:param1, etc...), where the params for the sp are the primary
key values for positioned deletes on tables involved in a joined dataset.

>I know a lot of people are using IBO and I want to find out whether
>I can safely start using IBO on larger projects or should I wait
>for Bug fixes before deciding

Actually, before deciding, what you really need to do is roll up your
sleeves and work with IBO. The eval distro has a heap of demo apps
installed layers deep in ..\samples. Use the Help, use the TechInfo
material, use the list.

Just curious...what bug fixes would you need to "wait for before deciding"?
Currently I know of one, to do with the GUI formatting of scaled numerics,
which is a PITA, to be sure, though a test fix is available for that...