Subject Evaluating IBO
Author Alfred Thomas

I am trying to evaluate IBO for use in a system with FireBird.
I am finding a few things aren't working as I expect them to.
At this stage it is small and easy to overcome, but I want to
find out whether I am not using it right, or whether there is
a few glitches in the software.
I have found the following:
When defining a password for an IB_Connection it does not work
when you specify it in the Object inspector, you have to add it
in your code i.e. IB_Connection->Password = "masterkey"

When I use IB_Query->DeleteSQL->Add("delete from..."), the delete
button on the grid stays inactive until I also add the same delete
string to the DeleteSQL in the Object inspector.

I know a lot of people are using IBO and I want to find out whether
I can safely start using IBO on larger projects or should I wait
for Bug fixes before deciding

Alfred Thomas