Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Olecontainer
Author aleskahanek
That is not the problem, rtf saved by Word could be opened by Wordpad
normally. Similar problem is with *.bmp and other "non OLE" formats.
Using OleContainer.SaveAsDocument('xy.bmp') makes the resulted bmp
file unreadable in non OLE application (for example IrfanView cries
about wrong file header).

I know that this is not IBO isssue, I have tried here if anybody has
some hint.
Thanks in advance

--- In, "Thomas Steinmaurer" <ts@i...>
> Hi Ales,
> > I tried to use the TIB_OleContainer written by Thomas
Steinmaurer. It
> > is nice component based on the TOleContainer. Everything works
> > unless I save the document back to disk file. What happens?
> >
> > 1. Load some file (for example my.rtf) to OleContainer (file
> > originaly in MS Word)
> > 2. Save to DB
> > 3. Load from DB
> > 4. Export to file (my.rtf)
> >
> > I use OleContainer.SaveAsDocument method to export the file, but
> > problem is that it is not saved in the original format but as OLE
> > document format. The file cannot be opened in Wordpad, only in
> >
> > Does anyone some experience with this. How to save the file in
> > original format?
> Try the following non TIB_OleContainer related thing.
> Create a .rtf file with MS Word and try to open it with Wordpad
> afterwards. Does that work?
> I recall some problems with Word when storing a file as RTF in
> the past.
> Best Regards,
> Thomas Steinmaurer
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