Subject TIB_Olecontainer
Author aleskahanek
I tried to use the TIB_OleContainer written by Thomas Steinmaurer. It
is nice component based on the TOleContainer. Everything works great
unless I save the document back to disk file. What happens?

1. Load some file (for example my.rtf) to OleContainer (file created
originaly in MS Word)
2. Save to DB
3. Load from DB
4. Export to file (my.rtf)

I use OleContainer.SaveAsDocument method to export the file, but
problem is that it is not saved in the original format but as OLE
document format. The file cannot be opened in Wordpad, only in Word.

Does anyone some experience with this. How to save the file in its
original format?

Thank you very much
Ales Kahanek