Subject IBO/Intraweb
Author stewartbourke
First, apologies if this seems off-topic, but I have already been
through the IW newsgroups.

I am trying to track memory issues within an Intraweb application,
and am using IBO as part of the database connectivity.

I am using D6, IBO v4, and IW 5.1, to either FB1.5 or IB6 (latest)

My problem is that my application is shedding about 4Mb of memory
every time a new new IW session opened, so the machine runs out of
memory pretty soon.

I am using a combination of dbExpress and IBO (Tdataset-compatible)

My question is whether anybody has any experience with memory leaks
or any issues with the IBO components in this type of application.
My questions all relate around whether I need to do anything as the
sessions are terminated and the datamodules/user sessions are

I know the question is kind of vague, but at this stage I am looking
for any help/pointers/suggestion etc?


Stewart Bourke