Subject How to get TIB_Grid columns width at runtime??
Author bytelord
I have a query displaying it's data in a ib_grid with three columns:
DESCRIPTION, QUANTITIY, PRICE. I need a footer at the bottom of my
ib_grid showing SUM(QUANTITY) and SUM(PRICE). It is important that
this sums are aligned with it's respective column in the ib_grid.

I am using a HeaderControl object to show the sums, and I adjust the
column widths like this:

HeaderControl.Sections[x].width = ib_grid.GridFields[x].DisplayWidth

It works fine even with ib_grid.listBoxStyle := true

My problem is when the user changes the width of some column at

Is there a way to get the REAL width of the columns in the ib_grid
object at run-time ?? (not the DisplayWidth nor the DefaultWidth)