Subject Re: [IBO] multithread app using IBO is freezing
Author Rohit Gupta
Try this

Set IB_Connection.CacheStatementHandles to false


> I am accessing a Firebird 1.0.3 database using IBO in a multi threaded
> application and my application is freezing. The applications stops
> responding
> and Windows says application not responding.
> I have been closing following this list and I think i have taken care of
> everything needed to make my app thread safe.
> I am putting in relevant bits of code. Could somebody please help me by
> suggesting what could be the problem.
> I have enclosed some stack traces of the threads along with this mail
> which are
> showing some gds__thread_enter calls of gds32.dll.I am not so sure
> what exactly
> this call means.But whenever my application's main thread is freezing,
> i have
> noticed that there is more than one thread in the application
> executing a call
> to this procedure.