Subject Re: [IBO] Firebird Newbie
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:07 PM 23/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Thank you for this clearifying information, Helen.
>My apologies for the confusion below, the .gdb file was of course
>created on machine B, not A like I wrote.
>For simplicity reasons, I temporarily moved the creation/connection
>target to the root drives, the real target is "E:\Network\Discovery
>However, the IB_Connection1 seem to connect using the following
>DM17:E:\Network\Discovery Enterprise\sales.gdb
>\Network\Discovery Enterprise\sales.gdb

These are both variants of a TCP/IP connection.

For a NetBeui connection there is only one possibility:

\\DM17\E:\Network\Discovery Enterprise\sales.gdb
and "DM17" has to be the server's real name.

I do urge you to use Server, Path and Protocol properties instead of
Databasename - then your connection string will be bomb-proof, whatever
protocol you choose.

>I guess IB Console is not calibrated for Firebird, but is there a
>freeware console for Firebird somewhere to start out with, maybe even
>with a Remote Server alternative?

I see from another posting that you are having trouble with remote
connections using IBOConsole. With this I can sympathise - it is a very
confusing interface. Have you resolved it yet? I could send you a

Alternatively, use IB_SQL, which you don't even need to download. Just
open the project in Delphi (it's in your IBO root dir) and compile
it. There are lots of admin tools around but I never use anything but
IB_SQL. Learn to know it and you'll learn to love it. :-)