Subject Re: [IBO] Search blobs
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:57 PM 23/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>I have a helper utility I am writing and am trying to filter a
>TIBOQuery dataset by the contents of a blob field for data in the
>OnFilterRecord event, but the blob's field value is always empty
>(.AsString = ''). It seems that the OnFilter event is fired before
>the blob is retrieved.
>How should I filter based on the content of a blob field?

Client-side filtering on blob contents would be impossible. Blobs are not
stored with the row data.

You may be able to do it server-side using a filter condition that resolves
to a WHERE clause like

MyBlob CONTAINING 'search condition'

e. g.
Filter = 'MyBlob CONTAINING ' + QuotedStr(SearchInputField.Text)

If it works, it will be very slow, of course, because it's a non-indexed
sequential search.

You really need to store search keys for a responsive client-driven blob
search. (The FAQ app on the IBO website uses this approach).

Or you could implement IBO's FTS or the Tamaracka search engine...