Subject Re: Firebird Newbie
Author sveinsandoy
> >However, the IB_Connection1 seem to connect using the following
> >strings:
> >
> >DM17:E:\Network\Discovery Enterprise\sales.gdb
> >\Network\Discovery Enterprise\sales.gdb
> These are both variants of a TCP/IP connection.
> For a NetBeui connection there is only one possibility:
> \\DM17\E:\Network\Discovery Enterprise\sales.gdb
> and "DM17" has to be the server's real name.
> I do urge you to use Server, Path and Protocol properties instead
> Databasename - then your connection string will be bomb-proof,
> protocol you choose.

I always follow your advice, Helen.

> Alternatively, use IB_SQL, which you don't even need to download.
Learn to know it and you'll learn to love it. :-)

IB_SQL has now become my console :)

Thank you, Helen and Svein Erling. Your efforts to help me out gave
me exactly what I needed to start off here.

Kind regards,