Subject Re: [IBO] treeview components
Author Chuck Belanger
Hi, Gediminas:

I've been dealing with db aware treeviews for a few years now in a series of related
projects that I've been working on part time (I'm an acupuncturist, not a
programmer.) I've found the Virtual String Tree to be an excellent, fast, many
featured tree. I've tried out perhaps 10-15 other db aware trees with no success (or
just too slow or clunky for my needs- woll2wolls, 1stClass for example.)

The turning point for me was a demo I got that allows almost any db to be read, by
almost any IB/FB component set you'd want to use. Created by a VST user, Gerard
Slurink, see In that demo he uses, IBX controls,
but they are easily switched out to IBO components. This particular demo does almost
exactly what you're asking for.

Unlike some of the other solutions, this is a couple of .pas files, not a component,

Unlike the other solutions, Gerard sticks with the VST's "virtual" design and loads
one branch at a time, based on the user expanding it, thus allowing for very large
trees and number of nodes without problems or slowing way down. The other solutions
would typically choke and freeze up. My particular tree has almost 50,000 nodes.

The other thing that works very well with the VST db aware tree is drag and drop,
via OLE.

There are some other VST data aware components that you did not mention which might
fit your needs, especially if you aren't trying to create a large tree. Visit their
group and ask.

Hope that helps,

Chuck Belanger