Subject Re: [IBO] treeview components
Author Gediminas
VT is a great component, but that's why I have hesitation:
VT data providing leaves on the application - as it doesn't know nothing
about data. Now, if there is DB dataset with the data, application is
responsible to provide then to the VT( OnGetText & other VT events). So,
this component isn't data aware, as data aware components would know, how
to display/work with a data (VT uses higher level data abstraction). So if
VT is supposed to work with the IBO, it needs wrapper (wrapping level),
which would handle data provision in both ways. Such level must work
efficiently, otherwise it would be the bottleneck to work with great data
I guess, that
by Andreas Hesse & others is such wrapper. Problem is, that I can't use as
I use BCB6 - could anyone help me with this?

Maybe Andreas Hesse & others could contack me - there is missing the e-mail
address :-/
Helen, it would be great to hear your oppinion on this topic. Besides, I
almost sure, that IB_TreeView component would be great IBO addition
(somewhere see Jason's/Helen's answer: "Any voluteers?" :-) )

These are only my thoughts, so they could be totally wrong - never before
used DB aware treeview component, so this is a new field for me

At 2004-03-23 17:46, you wrote:
>The turning point for me was a demo I got that allows almost any db to be
>read, by
>almost any IB/FB component set you'd want to use. Created by a VST user,
>Slurink, see In that demo he uses, IBX
>but they are easily switched out to IBO components. This particular demo
>does almost
>exactly what you're asking for.
>Unlike some of the other solutions, this is a couple of .pas files, not a

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