Subject treeview components
Author Gediminas
Have 2 tables with the master-detail relationship:
table_A table_B

and now want master-detail implement with a treeview component: by
selecting node, component gets A dataset's PK_ID_A and sends it to dataset B.
Have tried to use VirtualTreeView component (without IBO - haven't managed
to compile
for the BCB6 - no project files :(,could anyone help? )- data must by
supplied by application, VT is not data driven (as I understand).
component by <mailto:ales.kahanek@...>Ales Kahanek seems to be
unfinished, also IBO files are changed - Jason, is it possible that this
treeview component would be included into IBO (there is a deep code
revision...) Currently this component isn't usable, but could be great IBO
IB_ExDBTree by Dmitry Beloshistov lack's many features, so isn't suitable
by now too.
What is the best treeview component to work with the IBO (data driven,
accepts dataset's - no need to write code to update data)... Any suggestions?

--/ Gediminas /--
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