Subject Re: [IBO] Firebird Newbie
Author sveinsandoy
Thank you for this clearifying information, Helen.

My apologies for the confusion below, the .gdb file was of course
created on machine B, not A like I wrote.

For simplicity reasons, I temporarily moved the creation/connection
target to the root drives, the real target is "E:\Network\Discovery

However, the IB_Connection1 seem to connect using the following

DM17:E:\Network\Discovery Enterprise\sales.gdb\Network\Discovery Enterprise\sales.gdb

Both the netbui and tcp/ip connections seems to work fine. I am
really looking forward to start working with Firebird.

I guess IB Console is not calibrated for Firebird, but is there a
freeware console for Firebird somewhere to start out with, maybe even
with a Remote Server alternative?

Kind regards,

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 01:51 PM 23/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >Working with IB_Object 4.3.
> >
> >I can't seem to get the hang of client connection strings and
> >setup.
> >
> >I have installed the Firebird Server on machine B and Firebird
> >on machine A. Machine B has 2 drives, C: and E:.
> >
> >I am sitting with Delphi on Machine A. I create a database using
> >TIB_Connection and the connection string "\\DM17\:\sales.gdb" which
> >will indicate netbui connection.
> >
> >Works fine. The gdb is created in the root directory on C: in
> >A.
> This is confusing. In the first paragraph, you said the Firebird
> was on machine B and client on machine. If you don't have a server
> machine A, you can not have a database there. You must not use a
mapped drive.
> >However, I don't want to use drive C: on the A machine, I need to
> >use the E: drive that I formatted with 32k allocation unit space
> >especially for database purposes.
> >
> >Connection strings:
> >"\\DM17\:\sales.gdb" connects to the A machine 0n C:\
> IF you have a server on machine A the full string should be:
> \\DM17\c:\absolute\path\to\sales.gdb
> >"\\DM17\:C:\sales.gdb" doesn't work
> No, too many colons.
> >"\\DM17\:E:\sales.gdb" doesn't work
> \\DM17\e:\absolute\path\to\sales.gdb
> >And of course, shares doesn't work.
> No, and mapped drives don't work either.
> >"\\\:\sales.gdb" doesn't work
> No, IP addresses are not used by the Named Pipes protocol.
> >I am missing something, probably both with server setup and
> >connection string, and I can't seem to find much of a soluton based
> >on the manuals.
> In IBO, use the Server, Path and Protocol properties:
> Server: DM17 (as long as this isn't a mapped location - it has to
be the
> servername of the machine)
> Path: e:\absolute\path\to\sales.gdb
> Protocol: cpNetBeui
> NB You can't use named pipes (cpNetBeui) protocol if the server is
Win98 or
> WinME. In that case, use cpTCP_IP
> Use DatabaseName for a "friendly" name like "Sales" or "Fluffy".
> Helen