Subject RE: [IBO] Trouble creating a query using SUBSTR - and unanswered forum questions 30111 and 30112
Author Eric Tishler
Whoops, didn't mean that I was hoping my SQL questions would be answered in the IBO help files. I understand clearly that IBO is a tool that assumes user familiarity with SQL. I actually was looking for more info on how to handle a graceful (and automated) disconnect and reconnect using TIB_Connection. There was actually a post to the IBO forum last week that was never replied to.

I was referring to how I was frustrated with the cursory explanations of VerifyConnection and WasConnectioLost among other properties and methods as we as a lack of examples. Then the other day when I was trying to walk a dataset record by record I met with the same lack of info (I was guessing at using First, Next, EOF, etc ... but the IBO help didn't have much to say. It was on the web site that I found discussions on cursors and several different ways to walk a dataset (buffered vs.un-buffered) that led me to look at this as a much better resource for getting my IBO questions answered. (Although I still have not found anything definitive on how to handled dropped connections and reestablishing connections -and my forum question remains unanswered - 30111 and 30112 on Monday March 15)

My quick question yesterday about SQL was just a tiny piece of a larger project that I had to get done and was casting about for anybody to help me. (I got the best response from the New Zealand DUG and an ASP Free Forum on SQL).

I still need to address my intermittent TIB_Connection dropping for some of my clients and how to gracefully reconnect. I can actually do this about 85% of the time, but there is a small timing window in which a dropped connection immediately after a reconnection results in many attempts to reconnect again (using the same exact code - but the application is in a state where my IB_Connection.Connect statement no longer works.


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>Thank you for all the tips. I have the IBO help files, which are not the
>most useful, but I do have the IB LangRef.pdf manuals which are slightly

If you are looking for an SQL reference in the IBO helpfiles, you are
doomed to disappointment. IBO presumes SQL but it's not there to teach it
to you if you don't know it...if you need to beef up a bit on concepts,
you'd probably find the Getting Started Guide helpful.

Don't go past the demos and samples that are installed with IBO.


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