Subject [IBO] Re: Error Creating cursor handle
This simply sounds like you haven't got it connected to a connection or database component at design-time.

Jason Wharton


First, thank you for your comments.

By your answer, it seems to be that spend your time in reviewing the
store procedure code, but the problem is not the code, but in the
TIBOStoreProc component.

As I said in my question, the store procedure works fine using
TIB_StoreProc Native IBObjects and then TIBStoredProc IBExpress

At design time, I cannot select the storeprocedure using the
StoredProcName property in the TIBOStoreProc component, because
when the combobox is down, the list is empty. When I use the other
components, I can see all the store procedures names inside de
Interbase database.



> This is not a SELECTABLE stored procedure (although it looks as if it ought
> to be). Your output loop needs a SUSPEND statement for each outer row
> processed, in order for the client to get a cursor on a set of rows.
> Helen