Subject Re: [IBO] Disconnection causes A/V
What happens if you use the ForceDisconnect method?

Jason Wharton


I am having trouble when I disconnect from the DB after the
connection has been lost, and i get an access violation
in 'GDS32.dll'.

I am running IBO ver 3.6B and Firebird 1.0.3.

I currently check for loss of connection in the OnError handle and
then attempt to reconnect to the DB. I have noticed that on
receiving the 'loss of connection' message the
TIB_Connection.Connected is still true. so I thought I would change
this value to false then got an access violation in the GDS32. I
then subsiquently tried disconnect instead and either got an A/V or
it just hung! :0(

the disconnect works when the connection exists, but fails when the
Firebird Server is down.

Can anyone help or have and cleaver ways around this?