Subject Re: [IBO] update data on tib_grid
I'm sory but I can't quite make out what you are trying to accomplish.
Please take a little time and present your situation again for us.

Jason Wharton



a) I have a Tib_Grid into forms;
b) I have any edits components to type the search and one button to start search;
c) I have a Tib_Edits in same forms , to do the inputs of data what will be stored on database, to Inserts,Alters, etc.;
d) For example: search for cidade="NEW YORK". Into the Tib_Grid appears all of the customers from city = NEW YORK.

The problem is that when I go include or to alter one information unsatisfactory the specifications from last research , him
no appears into the Tib_Grid together with others , but is recorded on database (table ). If the last search was city NEW
YORK, and I make a register with city SAN FRANCISCO , then the last record isn't displayed into the Grid.

Exists solution to this? What este new entry appears joined aos another of the grid , same as no satisfying the
specifications from SQL from last seeks?