Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_DataPump
What I do is create a stored procedure on the destination database side that has input parameters which exactly match
the structure of the source table. Then, I have the stored procedure take care of doing an insert or update if needed.
This even allows you to insert or update any number of tables, etc.

Also, this is much more efficient allowing the database server itself to handle the details. You just use the network to pass
over the raw data that is necessary.

Once you have done the procedure then in the datapump you can just use an EXECUTE PROCEDURE (param list)
statement and it should work just dandy.

Jason Wharton

Hi All.

I am trying to pass data along two databases ( Firebird 1.5 ).
Same Structure.

I am using TIB_DataPump.

My problem is that I MUST do either an insert and an update.
I setup an TIB_SQL to destination.
Put code in it, but ONLY update data, refusing to INSERT saying: " Primary
Key violation. etc. etc "

Anyone has some help??