Subject Re: [IBO] Rbuilder 6 / Delphi 6 pipeline package problem
Author Don Gollahon
""geogelles"" <geogelles@...> wrote in message
> I am having difficulty compiling and installing the IBOPipeline.dpk
> located in I am using Delphi6 upd pack 2, RB6 for
> Del6, on XP sp1.
> The package compile fails on some of the required packages. The
> first was IBO40XDT, which I replaced with IBO40XDT_D6. Now I get an
> error for DCLRBE66. I can not find this item. If I remove it from
> the list, the compile fails with an 'undeclared indentifier'
> (TIB_ColumnComp and TIB_Column_Curr).
> First, am I using the latest Pipeline package?
> Second, where can I find DCLRBE66 and possibly other required
> packages?
> I have searched messages here, looked at the RB site, loaded
> previous versions of Delphi and RB. Any help or suggestions would be
> greatly appreciated. I have already converted my BDE files to
> Firebird, very much like what I have tested so far with native IBO
> and need this last part to make all the pieces work.

Don't know about your compile problem. Make sure you have the path to
your RB Source set in the Tools/Environment Library path. But I use the
RB DB pipeline with the IBOTDataset components for my reports. The
speed difference between the native and Tdataset compatible components
is not that noticable in IBO 4. Works very well.

> Thanks.
> -George.
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