Subject [IBO] Re: Memory use and TIB_DSQL
Author Michael Vilhelmsen
> Actually, Michael, Svein's question is very astute. If you have an
> IB_Transaction (or an IBOTransaction, for that matter) then you
> (potentially) two transactions. One is that one, the other is the
> <Default> transaction to which your statement will be assigned if
> forget to select the one you added.
> Dropping a transaction object onto your datamodule doesn't make it
> default transaction. You can, however, make it so, by picking that
> transaction as the DefaultTransaction property of your
IB_Connection or
> IBODatabase.
> I consider it is good practice to *always* put down your own
> object(s) and never to make any assumptions about the <Default>
> By that, I am not saying there is anything *wrong* about <Default>
> transaction, just that it is sometimes easy to overlook the obvious
if you
> don't pay explicit attention to it.

I have just double checked my appl.
All TIBOQuerys, TIB_Cursor and TIB_DSQL uses the transactions they
are suposed to use.

So thats not the problem.