Subject Re: [IBO] Update for 4.5 Ai Eval installer
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:13 PM 30/12/2004 +0100, you wrote:

>hello Jason,
>now I have tried to make a complete install with compilation. To do so I have
>completely eliminated the old IBO installation and I have also eliminated the
>CPS key from the registry. Now the packages are copied to C:\IBO4, but
>IB_Components.pas is still missing (how it can compile if this file is
>and there is no IB_Components.dcu?). Anyway when it starts to compile this
>message appears:
>There appears to be a conflict with another installation of IBO.
>Please properly uninstall prior installations and try this installation again.
>I'm absolutely sure that there are no remnants of the old installation on my
>machine. I usually modify the packages before compiling so that all .bpl's
>dcp's go to ...\Delphi\Projects\Bpl folder.
>What do you test to see if there is another installation?

Have you checked in your Delph \lib directory? When I installed it, it
didn't ask me where I wanted things to be. It installed the runtime BPLs
in ..\Delphi7\bin and the designtime BPLs in my IBO root\D7.

I haven't installed the Ai Eval version though (yet). Will try and let you
know what happens.