Subject Update for 4.5 Ai Eval installer
Author Salvatore Besso
hello Jason,

now I have tried to make a complete install with compilation. To do so I have
completely eliminated the old IBO installation and I have also eliminated the
CPS key from the registry. Now the packages are copied to C:\IBO4, but
IB_Components.pas is still missing (how it can compile if this file is missing
and there is no IB_Components.dcu?). Anyway when it starts to compile this
message appears:

There appears to be a conflict with another installation of IBO.

Please properly uninstall prior installations and try this installation again.

I'm absolutely sure that there are no remnants of the old installation on my
machine. I usually modify the packages before compiling so that all .bpl's and
dcp's go to ...\Delphi\Projects\Bpl folder.

What do you test to see if there is another installation?

Regards and happy 2005.