Subject Invalid Pointer and other Mysterious errors
Author Matt Nielsen
Hello All,

I'm getting some strange errors. I just had a user call and give me
a 'This Shouldn't happen 4' error. This is from the IB_NodeList.pas
TIB_NodeList.ProcessUpdates procedure. Also when I try to delete
from a large recordset(2000 or more) two records and close I get an
Invalid Pointer in the IB_NodeList.pas TIB_NodeList.DestroyList

This is happening on the Destroy of the TDataModule that I use for my
for and it has a IBOQuery that has CachedUpdates as True.

I have updated to 4.5Ag and still have the same problem, except now I
have an additional problem that happens in the IB_Components.pas
unit. It looks like that some tmpDataset's don't always have a
IB_Connection and so the SysProcessCommitAction is giving an AV in
the check for the connection status.

Anyone please help. This is very urgent for me. I will try to
create a sample app to post, but it will require my database to test.