Subject Re: [IBO] OnGetCellProps
Author Lester Caine
Andreas Pohl wrote:

>>The easy one should be OnGetCellProps. I need to highlight the whole row
>>when it is selected, but only the selected cell is flagged by
>>gdSelected. Is there a way of identifying the selected row?
> try to check within OnGetCellProps event
> with IB_Query do
> if Selected[BufferRowNum] then ...

That is not showing the selected record :(

>>The more difficult problem may mean I dump rich text and drop back to
>>simple text boxes for the memo's. Which would be a pain. I really need
>>to display the rich text box in a larger font than is stored in the
>>TIB_MenuedRichEdit, but the same problem will happen when trying to
>>output to a printed report. Anybody had to do this? one size for normal
>>users, and extra large for the visually impaired.
> Introduce a calculated field for displaying. You can modify it without
> changing source value.

The problem is that the font size is *IN* the RTF in the BLOB, it's how
it's displayed that is the problem. It would have to be a complex
'calculation' to strip the formatting - unless there is some way of
doing that?
I have told the customer that they will loose RTF altogether and just
have simple text so we can easily create a large font report and a
normal font report. Just have to strip 6 months worth of RTF formatting
from the text :(

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services