Subject Re: [IBO] Library Packaging
Author Lester Caine
Helen Borrie wrote:

> Personally, I think this naming scheme is crazy. It doesn't take into
> account things like dependent packages or Delphi packages that are capable
> of being installed in CPPB. It's practically certain to cause the kind of
> problem you encountered, unless you have the absolutely latest version of
> everything.

The first thing I do with all the Builder libraries is re-assemble the
projects so that I can have a package name that reflects the version of
the library, rather than what it is running on. That way when going to
an old site, you know exactly what libraries need to be updated, because
windows tells you ;)

That is one of the reasons I don't like 'packaged' libraries with dumb
installers. If I am going to update, the older version MUST remain
untouched, and accessible until the new version is working, but more
important, when problems arise with working code, you need to be able to
step back to the older version and confirm if the problem has arisen
because of the change of library!

The current 'fun' with FastReports is a good example of wanting to be
able to manage updates. I have working IBO code that is not in the base
package, but the installer blasts the whole lot when an update is
installed :( At lease there I have managed to create a local copy in my
IBO tree, which I can run a BC (BeyondCompare) against updates ;)

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services