Subject RE: [IBO] RE: [firebird-support] Embedded / Backup
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:36 PM 7/12/2004 +1100, you wrote:

>did you sleep last night helen? this IS the IBO list

Since you asked -- no. But your message got filtered into my
firebird-support box because you forgot to remove the tag, so there's
another excuse this time.

The thing about the naming standards is this: Whenever a package is
released, its version for the current version of Delphi is not meant to
include any version designator (like "D7", when Delphi 7 was current, or
"D8" when Delphi 8 is the current version). IBO packages were released
under those rules up to and including Delphi 7. There is of course no IBO
for Delphi 8. With new installer, source installation is more selective,
so I can no longer tell whether Jason has continued to apply the Borland
naming standard for Delphi 9, since I don't have Delphi 9.

So, with the latest (IBO 4.5) release, and the latter IBO 4.3 versions,
Jason tagged all of the Delphi 7 dpk files as "_D7" when they became no
longer the current version. Lorenzo recently updated IBOAdmin so he has
followed the IBO 4.5 naming scheme - hence your problem.

Personally, I think this naming scheme is crazy. It doesn't take into
account things like dependent packages or Delphi packages that are capable
of being installed in CPPB. It's practically certain to cause the kind of
problem you encountered, unless you have the absolutely latest version of