Subject RE: [IBO] Very simple question
Author Jason Wharton
Would you be opposed to having this use the TCheckListBox control?

Thanks for your efforts here. It's fun to see things pushing forward again
now that I've got lots of monkeys off my back...

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: RE: [IBO] Very simple question
> Jason,
> I will send you a document outlining our exact requirements
> along with the
> source code I have already developed.
> It is not currently in the form of a component, but is very
> easy to convert.
> The class is passed a pointer to a TScrollBox. If I was creating a
> component I would just descend from that control.
> The current implementation uses std::map<> to store the bit values and
> strings but there is no reason why this cannot be modified to use a
> TStringList (with implicit bit positions).
> I will contact you off the list when I have created the document.
> I'd love to see how the implementation ends up (since I may
> have future
> control requirements to develop).
> Malcolm Smith
> Analyst Programmer
> Comvision Pty Ltd