Subject RE: [IBO] Slow response to missing server
Author Jason Wharton
There is nothing in IBO's standard settings that can be done to directly
influence this.
I think you need to raise this issue in the respective forum for InterBase
or Firebird.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] Slow response to missing server
> Hi all,
> I am doing some testing of lost connections. I use the
> TIB_Connection.VerifyConnection method to test whether the
> connection is
> still available. I then pull out the network cable. The
> VeryConnection
> call is very responsive until the cable is pulled. The next request
> takes over 10 seconds to return.
> Is there any way to reduce the timeout on VerifyConnection? It looks
> like it is the call to isc_database_info. Would doing this
> cause other
> side effects? I need my software to be quick to respond to a lost
> server connection.
> Thanks in advance.
> Anthony
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