Subject RE: [IBO] Very simple question
Author Malcolm Smith

I will send you a document outlining our exact requirements along with the
source code I have already developed.

It is not currently in the form of a component, but is very easy to convert.
The class is passed a pointer to a TScrollBox. If I was creating a
component I would just descend from that control.

The current implementation uses std::map<> to store the bit values and
strings but there is no reason why this cannot be modified to use a
TStringList (with implicit bit positions).

I will contact you off the list when I have created the document.

I'd love to see how the implementation ends up (since I may have future
control requirements to develop).

Malcolm Smith
Analyst Programmer
Comvision Pty Ltd

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From: Jason Wharton [mailto:jwharton@...]
Sent: Thursday, 2 December 2004 18:58
Subject: RE: [IBO] Very simple question

Don't put all that work into it, making something data aware is very EASY
with IBO. Much easier than TDataset if you are me and you know how to do
it. Most of what is necessary I have implemented either in the datalink
itself or there are templates using include files (Delphi doesn't have a
very good template system unfortunately.)

I was just curious what your usage requirement was and a brief sketch of how
you are currently accomplishing it. I would want whatever I produce to
accommodate your needs.

Jason Wharton