Subject RE: [IBO] edit behavior in grid
Author Jason Wharton
My guess is that the TIB_Ledger control is somehow messing with the dataset
states. I need to review this control more thoroughly. Try using the
TIB_Grid and see if the problem still happens. Just for sake of isolation.

It would also accelerate my time to resolve this if you send me a simple
sample application.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] edit behavior in grid
> Delphi 7, IBO 4.3
> I have a form to edit customer information. Above are some edit
> controls and below is a IB_Ledger control set to read only to
> prevent any editing directly in the grid.
> When I open the form, I cannot edit the first row until I change
> rows. After the first change of row, I can edit everything just
> fine.
> Is there some setting I am missing to allow editing when the form
> opens?
> Rick