Subject Progress of database creation
Author Malcolm Smith
Hi everyone,

I'm creating a form to be displayed when our application is launched and
cannot find the database. The application gives the user the option of
having the database created (blank).

I'm trying to find a way of reporting the progress of the creation since the
process takes some time to complete. I have tried using TIB_Monitor to
track the number of actions performed and tried relating this to the script.
I have come close by counting the number of ^ in the script = 487 but only
485 events are raised. I realise if I scale this to 100% it will be close
enough but am wondering if there is a more reliable method.

My properties (directly from the DFM) are as follows:

object CreateMonitor: TIB_Monitor
Enabled = True
ItemEnd = '----*/'
MinTicks = 10
MonitorGroups = [mgStatement, mgClientTrace]
NewLineText = #13#10
StatementGroups = [sgExecuteImmediate]
OnMonitorOutputItem = CreateMonitorMonitorOutputItem
Left = 456
Top = 100

Is there a better way ?

Malcolm Smith
Analyst Programmer
Comvision Pty Ltd