Subject Re: [IBO] Progress of database creation
Author Daniel Rail

At November 24, 2004, 23:32, Malcolm Smith wrote:

> I'm creating a form to be displayed when our application is launched and
> cannot find the database. The application gives the user the option of
> having the database created (blank).

> I'm trying to find a way of reporting the progress of the creation since the
> process takes some time to complete. I have tried using TIB_Monitor to
> track the number of actions performed and tried relating this to the script.
> I have come close by counting the number of ^ in the script = 487 but only
> 485 events are raised. I realise if I scale this to 100% it will be close
> enough but am wondering if there is a more reliable method.

> Is there a better way ?

If you are using TIB_Script to execute the script and that you know
how many statements are in the script, then you can use the
TIB_Script.OnStatement event to increment the progress counter.

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