Subject Multi Select Problem
Author Daniel Jimenez

I am hoping that someone in the group has come across the same problem I am
facing, and may share her/his solution with me.

I have an application which allows application users to insert, update,
delete records from a DB. Since there are multiple tables in the DB, I
decided to have a MDI application, where a parent form launches a child
form, thus grouping tables into related areas.

The Child form makes use of TabControls so that a form may contain numerous
tabs, which share a IB_Query, IB_DataSource, IB_Grid, IB_NavigationBar,
IB_UpdateBar, IB_LoohupCombo, IB_LookupList. So as you can imagine the code
is as OO as possible.

My problem is as follows.

I now have the need to use bitmasking techniques for a particular field in
some tables of the DB. The bitmasks may represent things such as the
required level of detail to be logged (0 none, 1, exceptions, 2 general
errors, 4 Logical flow, etc) so if the user wishes to view logs for
exceptions and logical flow she/he can set the bitmask to 5, and the
application which uses the data will read the bitmask data and display logs

For the application user to set this bit mask, as well as the other required
data on the same table, I would like some friendly way to do this, ie say
checkboxes for each possibility (thus, if the bitmask is 4 bits wide there
can potentially be 7 checkboxes). I would like this 7 checkboxes to be
linked to the selected record, so that IBObjects would do the hard work in
the background, as it is the case with IB_LookupCombo, IB_LookupList.

We currently have a utility class that automatically creates checkboxes on a
TScrollBox and sets the state of each checkbox based on the mask value it is
provided. The utility class also provides the new mask value should the
user change one or more of the states. Is there anyway we can utilise this
class so when the record is updated it will grab the mask value from our
object (like IB_LookupCombo, IB_LookupList). If not, is there someway to
link checkboxes to a grid so that it behaves in the same way as the
IB_LookupCombo, IB_LookupList ( master detail scenario)? Or another

Thank you


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