Subject multiple questions...
Author rick_roen
I'm evaluating IBO and wonder about some general concepts.

I am doing data entry/edit forms right now and want to be able to
enable/disable buttons for things like "Save/Cancel/Delete" etc.

I have several MDI forms, so I just check like this to see if I can

DeleteButtonOnClick event:
if ( DMLG1.IBC0.IB_Session.FocusedDataset <> nil ) and
DMLG1.IBC0.IB_Session.FocusedDataset.CanDelete then

Is there a way to capture the "FocusedDataset" change event to
enable/disable these buttons individually?


When I am in the edit forms and the cursor is not in an edit box or
grid, the "FocusedDataSet" is nil, so I am unable to respond to a
button press for say "New". Is there some general way around this,
or is that the only way to read focus?


Are the prompt messages, like DeleteMessage, customizable with any
field information like "Are you sure you want to delete %


Thanks for the great product. I'm only getting my feet wet, but it
looks like it has a lot of potential to cut down on my coding work.