Subject hang on database connection
Author l_gilbert_fr
Hi all,

I've got a big problem.

I wrote a TCP/IP application which is a bridge between an HP/UX server
and a FIREBIRD database running on a WINDOWS XP computer.

For managing TCP/IP connections, I used INDY 9.

On client connection, I create a new datamodule (1 IBSESSION, 2
IBDATABASE, 2 IBTRANSACTIONS and many IBOQUERY), and connect to the
first of IBDATABASE. The second database is connected only if

The application hangs when it runs "DB.Connected := true"...

It seems to work on slower systems.

To solve the problem, I added a CriticalSection component in order to
serialize calls to the Datamodule.
Now it runs well but it is very slow...

It's my first application with IBO in a multithread environment...

I don't known what kind of problem it is ?